Website Creation Process

Your new website will be created using WordPress, a content management platform that was originally just for blogs. Over the years, WordPress has evolved and is now one of the standard platforms for website create. I’ll bet that many, if not most, of the websites you visit were created in WordPress.

Once we decide to move forward with your project, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire detailing exactly what you would like your site to look like, who your target audience is and what you want your site to accomplish – e.g. more traffic to your brick-and-mortor business, more members, more customers or clients, etc. Please be as specific as possible when completing these questions. I also want to know what websites you particularly like and why so that I can have a sense of your style. Does your business have competitors? What are their websites? What do you like and dislike about them?

Moving forward, I will select an appropriate high-quality theme and install it in a sub-domain of my website. This will allow me to periodically give you access to view the progress so we can discuss design and content. For instance, your development site may reside at:

I will spend a lot of time setting up theme usingĀ  the theme’s setting and also doing more advanced customizations using the coding languages, HTML and CSS. The home page will be created, reflecting how the rest of the site will be styled. Some of the content pages may also be created at this point. Before moving any further, you will be asked to review the overall design. I will probably add some fake content that looks like gibberish, or I may have a little of your content plugged in to give you and idea of where we’re headed. Remember, at this stage we are only looking at the design so you don’t need to check for typos. I want to be absolutely sure that you are pleased with the colors and general look and feel of the website before we go any further. NOW is the time to speak up!

Content is Queen

While I’ve been in design-mode, you’ve been busy gathering and creating your content. You should start putting together the content for each page as soon as we execute our contract. While I can create the overall look of your website, I really need to know what is going onto each page to begin the next phase.

I understand how difficult it can be to talk about yourself and your business – believe me, I hate working on my own website! That is why I have assembled some folks to help you out. If you need help writing your content, from the bio’s for you and your team to the nuts and bolts of what you do and why you do it, I can refer you to cost-effective help.

I also work with a professional photographer who does wonderful work and is very affordable. As soon as I finish her website, I’ll have a link here! In the meantime, just ask and I’ll connect you.

Your content will be placed into your website in a way that is logical and will help visitors find the information they need to make the decision to to business with you. Since you know your business and your target market best, I welcome your input during this phase of the design. Keep in mind that the audience for your site may not be as knowledgeable about your business as you, so we want to cater to their needs.

Finishing Up

Once all the content is added, you will be asked to review every page. I encourage you to read every line and make sure it is exactly what you want. As the designer, I have been looking at it for several weeks and, it is quite possible you will find a typo or two that I missed! If you want, have someone else read through the content too – the more eyes the better! At this point, we probably won’t be make any major design changes, but little tweaks to the content are quite likely.

Now for the fun part! Once you approve all the content, I will transfer the site onto your domain name and hosting service. For more info about that, check the FAQ about domains and hosting.

And, don’t worry, I’ll be here to offer support and answer questions long after your new website is live. We can even talk about a retainer agreement if you would like me to continue to add and change content to keep your site fresh in the eyes of the search engines.