Project Description

Kimberle wanted to re-name and re-brand her trauma recovery coaching business. She also wanted website visitors to understand her coaching programs, which are very different from programs being provided by other coaches.

For her site we:

  • Created a beautiful, calming color palette.
  • Designed a new logo.
  • Designed a beautiful banner for the home page.
  • Used her logo image, the lotus blossom, throughout the site.
  • Provided a variety of ways for site visitors to engage
…finding Kathy Blair & her company Webkat Design was like hitting the lotto! One meeting spent answering a few questions I knew she got it. And the website she created is beyond any hopes I had. Personal excellence, creative talent both unique and one of a kind her individual service for each client is rare, she stands in truth, integrity, and when possible goes beyond a contract. I highly recommend Kathy Blair & Webkat Design to anyone looking for a designer who will transform your vision into a top notch website that represents your business brand!
Kimberle Taitano, Surrender 2 Wellness